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We live in Nelson, New Zealand and CÚret, France, about half the year in each place. We have two 30-ish children, our daughter married and living in Melbourne and our son working in San Francisco. We enjoy travelling - we try to see somewhere new each year, and travel our own great country often as well. We're pretty relaxed about life - we now work part time so we can have more freedom to travel as often and as far as we can afford. There's no point being rich and dead!
We have been to a range of countries around the world, particularly in Europe and South-East Asia. We are now enjoying doing home exchanges - it's a great way of travelling without much expense. Have a look at our home exchange page if you are interested. We also host Couchsurfers (see link to the left) which we have found to be an excellent way of meeting people, and helping them too.
In the menu on the left you will find
  • a suggested route to tour New Zealand
  • a map of our favourite NZ locations, and
  • a map of places close to our home in Nelson.

John & Karen